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06 December 2008 @ 11:46 pm
resource list  
please let me know if I forget to credit your work! and thank you A LOT to everyone in this list! you inspire me ;)

baseic_tutorial  insanefray  seriouslywir 

 cla22ire  icon_extras  100x100textures 

 misarte  yunhe  brittany_xss  irati86 

cielo_icons  pixel_fluff  unwritten_icons 

xloliconsx  koaalcia  extraobsession 

carvelur  zehava1010  street_of_mercy 

tearjerkericons  dustypaper  instantrock 

ceruleansun  serene_infinity  jadis_88 @realmofsilence 

sarkasmuz  innocent_lexys  tralala_icons 

spooky_window  daylight_rose  barubaron 

epikstory  pixelfun  anliah 

mariarita @italian_jewels  tina_88  fisheye 

chambertin  blackshow  violateraindrop 

51291  peak77  simpleandclean 

haloradio @dearest  koaalcia  sneaky_elephant @cereal_killerz 

danielachan  loriwatanabe  mutsie 

das_porno_uke  x_falsetto  phonography_x 

ullaaa  emptyyourlife  noisettee @coloured_skies 

apare  selline_s @elfengarden  bluestarrysky 

aysha  azuremonkey @thefixedfoot 

unauteur  vintagesol  icons_are_hot 

shadecolor  scheisse  lianna_91 

cookiestome  ofwhitney  eternalpasion 

nivani  poupa  chaoticfae 

electrical_s  kopgirl  rocasolano 

colormetwice  sheerperfume  x_cursive 

pin_point  anamcr  heartoutofstone 

eveningwalk  raybaned @chasedme esqaire 

cofffeequeen @green_springs enter_77
scheisse l0vemetender driftingaway
sparknatural@sunnymystery caramelullaby scenesinscarlet
hepburnette cracker3@green_springs routinedrama
tres_glamour brazen_water born_butterfly@violet_clouds affliction ullaaa@fragiledaylight
dancelies souvenirsss a_darkdesign
paintedtarget mtima_schrimber scarletowls
pandavirus lumsx makarosh

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mtima_schrimber on July 7th, 2010 11:29 pm (UTC)
mtima-schrimber, =)
Tanya Caulfieldfare_lady on July 8th, 2010 10:50 am (UTC)
added! thank you!